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Youth Reader 09 Nov 2019 Sharjah Beach Library - Al Khan


Sharjah World Book Capital 2019


What are the challenges that weaken youth readership in this age and how to overcome them?


  • This point is left for young people to discuss. Their views are heard about lifestyles that limit their appetite for reading books.
  • Suggestions are discussed to overcome challenges, such as: how can young people stick to an hour of reading on a daily basis, or three to four hours a week (the equivalent of two books per month). The discussion also comes up with digital solutions such as the audio book that a young person may listen to while driving or relaxing at home.
  • We suggest that the circle comes up with some sort of pledge "I pledge to read an hour a day" or “I pledge to read two books per month or one book at the frequency to be agreed upon by the participants in the circle.
  • Discussion is made with young people about their role in organizing campaigns that encourage reading on social media


  • Discuss with educational institutions the need to set aside specific hours for free reading.
  • Young participants pledged to take advantage of cultural events in the country such as Sharjah International Book Fair.
  • Raise awareness about all available means of reading (electronic, audio or abridged books).
  • Reading on a topic different from one’s specialization to boost cultural awareness in all subjects.
  • Young people pledge to set aside time for reading daily or weekly according to their personal lifestyles