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Youth Participation in Climate Action 21 Sep 2019 Hotel Occidental IMPZ Dubai (Occidental IMPZ Dubai)


Arab Youth International


Climate, Peace, Tomorrow & Me: Youth Participation In Climate Action

Kako Johnson Mavalla

Founder, The Ambitio Peace Network


  • What is Peace?
  • The Nexus between Climate change and Peace
  • Mechanisms to accelerate education of climate change
  • How can we improve climate action across numerous industry


  • Encourage the use of social media and other means to influence positive climate action
  • We explored the impact of plastics on the environment and resolved to recommending plastic bans, and its impacts to countries like Kenya
  • Creating more initiatives like project initiated by DEWA & Surge, ’Water: The global passport’, wherein student are encouraged to monitor water consumption and behaviour
  • Other recommendations included use of personalised cups and mug, avoiding one-use plastics, meat-free Mondays and World clean-up day presentation