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Youth and Sport 25 Jun 2016 Nad Al Sheba Sports, Dubai


Making Sports a Lifestyle


How to make sports a lifestyle for Emirati Youth?

Saeed Hareb

Secretary General of Dubai Sports Club


  • Hearing of the different experiences within the field of sports
  • Highlighting the role of sport in relation to public welfare and health, and also to the country’s economic status
  • Educating the community about the importance of sport, particularly parents, so that they become role models which set good examples to their children
  • Grounding the concept of healthy living and nutrition within the Emirate
  • Linking sports with positive traits including patience, will determination, and time management


  • Activating individuals and engaging them in sports, be it at work, schools or universities
  • Any one can make sport a part of their lifestyle through perseverance and will
  • Engaging in sport is of great importance to the economic status of both the individual and the country. Playing sports improves one health and physically, maintaining therapeutic and rehabilitative consumption rates
  • Highlighting the role of family in nurturing the habit of playing sport at a young age to ensure a successful and fruitful and successful future
  • To continue and persevere with exercise, as it increasing the production of endorphins in the body which destresses the individual and leads to a feeling of happiness