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Women Empowerment 04 Mar 2020 Bangladesh


UAE Embassy in Bangladesh


UAE: A Role Model for Promoting Gender Equality and Prosperity

Abdulla Ali AlHmoudi

Deputy Head of Mission of UAE to Bangladesh


  • How women are now engaging in education, labor force, govt. legislation bodies including Ministers, diplomatic corps, business and armed forces etc.
  • Highlighted the UAE achievement on Women empowerment.
  • Challenges which are now facing women irrespective of countries and regions including Bangladesh.
  • Future opportunities for women


  • Highly appreciated by the UAE’s initiatives as UAE is far better in women empowerment as compared to any country in the world.
  • UAE is the one of 3 countries who has 50% legislative seats for women whereas Bangladesh has less than 30 % legislative presence.
  • Youth discussants compared the UAE and Bangladesh and recommended to learn from UAE as role model and stressed to offer more for Women in Bangladesh.