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Waste Management in AbuDhabi 15 Jan 2020 Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre




Waste Management in Abu Dhabi

H.E Dr. Salem Al Kaabi

General Manager, Abu Dhabi Center for Waste Management (Tadaweer)


  • Waste management, and the challenges of source separation culture
  • What is source separation?
  • Why is it important?
  • Do we (as individuals) practice source separation?
  • Why do not we practice source separation?
  • Waste management .. and the lustre of working in the field
  • Waste management as an academic discipline in the UAE
  • Is waste management included in university academic curricula? Is it available as a separate major?
  • Why isn’t it available as a separate major? What are the difficulties?
  • Are you interested in specializing in this field if it has a separate pathway as a major?
  • Why (if yes / no)?
  • Entrepreneurship in waste management
  • Transition in handling waste (from waste to resources)


  • Impose financial penalties on people who do not adhere to source separation.
  • Reward people who adhere to source separation.
  • Create an academic major in universities to study the field of waste management.
  • Provide field training for engineering alumni to ensure they are qualified for the job market of waste management