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The role of youth in innovation in the work environment 18 Feb 2020 Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Khorfakkan


Khorfakkan Municipality Youth Council


Values ​​of youth and heritage

Maryam Said Alay

Show producer and presenter


  • What is The concept of heritage?
  • What is the heritage of the UAE?
  • What is the reality and challenges of heritage?
  • What are the proposals for preserving heritage wealth?


  • Conduct meetings between young people and senior citizens to discuss heritage topics.
  • Organize visits to archaeological sites
  • Conduct competitions on heritage.
  • Include heritage in the curriculum.
  • Intensifying the role of the media in highlighting national identity, heritage and popular heritage.
  • Encourage young people to publish their UAE identity to every foreigner residing in the UAE.
  • Providing job opportunities for young citizens with specializations related to heritage, professions and crafts.
  • Customizing electronic games to keep pace with games that appeal to the current generation.
  • Adopting the youth energies that appeal to heritage issues.