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Switching to renewable energy in light of the persistence of Covid 19 08 Apr 2021 GoToWebinar


Department of Energy Abu Dhabi


Fatma Akeel Alghanim


  • How has COVID-19 impacted the people's consumption behaviour?
  • What are behavioral change programs and What are their role in the overall demand management strategy of Abu Dhabi?
  • What are the behavioral change drivers and motivations amongst UAE's diverse population and (Emirati Families, Emirati Youth, Residential Expats, Domestic Helpers, Children)
  • What are the available tools to create behavioral change in the different target groups in the UAE and through which communication channels?
  • What are the challenges faced to achieving a behavioral change in energy and water consumption?


  • Participants believed that electricity and water should be conserved, even though there is an abundancy of resources, to preserve these resources for future generations. These resources might be abundant today but might not be abundant tomorrow. Moreover, preserving electricity and water directly reduces the burden we are placing on the environment and helps mitigate climate and air pollution effects.
  • Recommendations for what would motivate Youth to conserve electricity and water resources:
  • Challenges and awards as part of awareness campaigns and gamification
  • Develop understanding of the impact that everyday choices of an individual have on the overall system
  • Implementation of Smart Home concepts, real time monitoring of electricity and water usage in households, as well as clear infographics on bills
  • Observing the change in behavior of neighbors and peers
  • Financial incentives and increasing the cost of utilities
  • Government buying energy back using an integrated network.
  • Using social media, leveraging schools & universities as platforms as well as leveraging messages from the leadership are the best way to reach out to Abu Dhabi residents to nudge them towards conservation.