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Enhancing psychological health 10 Oct 2019 Al Safa Art & Design Library


Ministry of Health


Enhancing psychological health and prevention of suicide

Dr. Meshaal Sultan

Consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist


  •  What is the concept of psychological disorders in young people?
  • What are the reasons?
  • How can these disorders be treated?
  • What are the barriers and challenges that may impede young people or parents from seeking evaluation and treatment?
  • What are the consequences of leaving the disorders untreated?
  • What is suicide and is it restricted to certain countries?
  • What are the causes and how they can be prevented?


  •  Awareness-raising campaigns and preventive programs on psychological illnesses and behavioral disorders in children and adolescents to eliminate the stigma caused by psychological illnesses.
  • Training teachers to identify the symptoms of common psychological illnesses to ensure that diagnosis is made and the required treatment is started as early as possible.
  • Launching a unified direct line in the UAE for the diagnosis and treatment of severe psychological conditions and preparing specialized doctors to respond and assess the situation and guide the patients on the required treatment.
  • Providing specialized treatment centers.
  • Enhancing coordination and cooperation among the various segments of society and consider these conditions as health cases.