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Emirati and Israeli Values 09 May 2021 Zoom


Federal Youth Authority


Uriel Dison | Eissa Al Hammadi

Coordinator for Israel Engagement at NYU Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life | Abu Dhabi Youth council


  • What are the most similar values among the Emirati and Israeli youth?
  • What are the future aspirations of the youth in developing relations between the Emiratis and the Israelis?
  • What is the future of this relationship in promoting youth empowerment, innovation, entrepreneurship and education?
  • What are the innovative ideas in utilizing social media platforms to ensure continuity of communication between youth in both countries?


  • Continuing these kinds of conversations/dialogues
  • Utilizing common Arab and Israeli passion for technology and social media
  • Learning more about each other’s cultures (such as by visiting each country and meeting people in person) to promote empathy and build strong networks
  • Collaborate on teams to create business ventures