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Driving Healthcare Challenges within the Successful Journey of Graduate Medical Education 02 Oct 2019 UAE University – Alain


Abu Dhabi Health Service Co.


Challenges & Opportunities in Medical Education

Dr. Najla Al Kuwaiti


  • Deficiency in variety of fellowship programs
  • Residency & Fellowship Programs – Scholarship
  • Improve Non-Emirati income
  • Discrepancy in License metrics and standardizations
  • Unavailable unified portal for Medical Education
  • Unavailable unified Rules and Regulation for Medical Education


  • To collect data of the preferred fellowship programs and match those with the community need.
  • Survey to be distributed among senior residents and graduates to look at the preferred future programs.
  • Trainees rotating in different hospitals to share different experience
  • To look at possibilities of having integrated training programs
  • To have clear road map about the scholarship aboard
  • Follow solid criteria for sending trainees for scholarships aboard
  • Having close follow up with periodic evaluations for the trainees abroad to assure quality of skills/teaching is being reached
  • Having different numbers of the input and the output of the training programs, we need to look at the end point of these programs and the benefits they are providing to the health care in UAE
  • Trainees coming from aboard should be familiar with the equipment's available in the UAE to give the maximum benefit.
  • This challenge is being acknowledged and to be discussed again at higher levels
  • Initiative of having Emirati board was discussed and it is in the initial steps started
  • To standardize the resources
  • Share same mental models among teaching faculty by conducting more workshops addressing updates in graduate medical education
  • To work on new researches that will cover different aspects of medicine including clinical trials.
  • Train our residents to be competent in researches and become researchers
  • Create common portal for graduate medical education as it can be served as reference for trainees when needed.