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Arabic Language : Realistic societal view 05 Feb 2020 Alwasel University – Dubai AlKarama Za’abeel Road


Alwasel University


Arabic Language: Community Realistic View


  • The importance of Arabic as a reflection and identity of the UAE society.
  • Some people’s view of specialization in Arabic as subpar or undesirable.
  • Fields of work with the Arabic language are weak.
  • Realistic view and the need for the Arabic language.
  • Examples of typos in billboards.


  • Change people’s view of specialization in Arabic by giving more attention to its graduates.
  • Highlight the importance of the Arabic language role in safeguarding the UAE identity.
  • Increase the awareness-raising media and educational content in media outlets, especially the radio, through short Arabic learning programs.
  • Open up fields of work that suit the actual needs of society, such as: appointing proofreaders to approve billboards before displaying them.
  • Create the position of proofreader in entities dealing with publications, such as publishing houses and printing houses, and allocate a proofreader in each entity.
  • Set up specialized offices for editing and proofreading, and get them certified by the relevant authorities as is the case with translation firms.