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Ambulance Response Time in EXPO 2020 27 Feb 2020 Dubai Youth Hub


Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services


Emergency ambulance response in Expo 2020

Eng. Bashayer Al Ali | Rawda Al Ameri

Member of Dubai Ambulance Youth Council


  • The concept of emergency ambulance response and its importance in the emergency work in general and in Expo 2020 in particular.
  • How can multiculturalism, multiple nationalities and languages pose a challenge to the effectiveness of rapid response?
  • What are modern and innovative methods that will contribute to enhancing response speed instead of traditional methods?
  • To what extent can the current ambulance personnel meet the expected workload in Expo 2020.
  • Volunteering ambulance program and its importance in Expo 2020


  • Smart Analysis Using Live Usage Statistics for Expo 2020 visitors and the flexible distribution of paramedics and ambulance points in areas where huge numbers of visitors are expected.
  • Include the SOS feature in the Expo 2020 application and connect it to the Operation Room.
  • The Innovative Wearable Gadget is an innovative wearable tool that connects the volunteer to the nearest reported incident on the Expo 2020 site via GPS. The gadget will be fitted with a simultaneous interpretation feature in all languages.
  • Visitors will be instructed on how to use the Augmented Reality technology by setting emergency procedures and contact numbers all over the venue of Expo 2020.
  • Visitors will be trained on first aid and will be invited to take part in the ambulance volunteering program.
  • Young male and female paramedics  will be included as part of Fakhr Initiative