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Youth's role in implementing UAE'S 2021 vision 25 Jan 2017 Noor Island, Sharjah, UAE



Youth's role in implementing UAE'S 2021 vision

Mohammed Al Kaabi


National Responsibility and Unity

  • Promote social and national unity via various initiatives
  • Foster national unity among members of society through key programs and activities, including daily short programs in schools and workplaces
  • Turn ideas and visions into concrete actions that promote shared responsibility
  • Urge the youth to wear the UAE’s traditional dress to maintain long-preserved national identity
  • Encourage young men and women to volunteer in worthy causes across all fields
  • Instill the values of volunteering, giving and philanthropy in the youth
  • Preserve the country’s identity and instill pride by wearing the UAE’s national costume
  • Teach younger generations about genuine Emirati traditions and customs through ‘Alsanaie’ program

Social Welfare

  • Launch a smart mobile app or website for those planning to get married to highlight marriage realities. An FDFcertified diploma will be given upon completion of the sessions.
  • Develop a phone application through which users can complete their transactions
  • Introduce ‘Mabrook Ma Yak’ (‘Congratulations on Your Baby’) app for parents to complete transactions related to their newborns
  • Reinforce the role of academic counselors and train undergraduates to help increase student awareness on indemand disciplines in the country to increase their contributions to social welfare
  • Launch new online apps and social media pages where youth can share their thoughts. These smart platforms will also enable innovators to communicate with incubators about various aspects of their key projects and initiatives to help in nation building
  • Raise awareness of couples planning to get married about available mobile phone apps designed to guide them in their marriage and facilitate completion of relevant transactions for their future babies

Knowledge-based Economy

  • Encourage the youth at early stages to volunteer in worthy causes as part of their education, where a student gets extra credits for taking part in such activities. This is poised to help develop their decision-making and leadership skills
  • Introduce a curriculum on knowledge economy to schools and universities to improve student leadership skills
  • Emphasize and introduce incubator projects to the young
  • Develop a smart app for the UAE Ministry of Economy in which innovators and incubators can increase their economic activities
  • Develop an online app for introducing, showcasing and publishing youth projects across different disciplines
  • Implement guidance programs for 11th and 12th graders
  • Strengthen the role of academic counselors to guide their students in choosing future careers according to the country’s manpower needs
  • Incorporate knowledge-based economy principles in courses and organize more training programs to support emerging trends. This also urge the youth to get involved in and manage projects with investment potentials
  • Increase the contributions of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to the UAE’s gross domestic product (GDP) from 60 to 70 per cent, while working on overcoming obstacles and challenges to enable the young to maximize local economic opportunities
  • Encourage the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies in businesses to drive future comprehensive development and progress
  • Launch strategic online games across various platform
  • Build new best-in-class research and development centers
  • Encourage the youth to optimize business incubators
  • Develop awards to recognize and honor successful startups
  • Introduce an application which features all awareness seminars in a single platform
  • Create new and proactive ideas across various segments
  • Promote leadership thinking among the young

Health System

  • Organize informative workshops and seminars on health and disease prevention in schools and universities
  • Urge students and undergraduates to do voluntary works in hospitals and clinics for skills and personality developments
  • Conduct a basic first aid workshop for all family members
  • Extend the scope of health sciences courses
  • Increase youth awareness on the importance of sustaining good health and well-being as well as maintaining positive energy
  • Strengthen awareness and health education programs in schools and universities in cooperation with hospitals and medical clinics, while underscoring the importance of disease prevention and first aid training to avoid health risks and problems
  • Deploy health-intervention programs during health and education activities
  • Raise awareness on the importance of taking care of one’s health and fitness

Environmental Protection

  • Organize seminars and workshops on the importance of environmental protection
  • Launch a dedicated online portal where users can obtain and exchange relevant information about climate change
  • Disseminate media materials tackling climate change to the public and some decision makers
  • Conduct studies on leveraging the positive opportunities arising from climate change phenomenon
  • Support public-private partnership (PPP) as well as collaborative efforts among environmental research and studies centers in the Arab World.
  • Conduct experiments and prototypes of development projects aimed at protecting the environmental and natural resources from dangers and threats
  • Promote public awareness on the significance of environmental protection and conservation
  • Create an online portal to facilitate communication channels between professionals and the public
  • Develop media materials encouraging environmental protection and driving sustainability
  • Conduct extensive studies and surveys on the impact of climate change on humans as well as the positive opportunities brought forth by addressing the phenomenon
  • Encourage PPP to achieve financial and human benefits