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Youth and Volunteering 13 Jun 2017 Abudhabi – Etihad Towers




Inspired by a Hero - Volunteering

Dr. Ayesha Al Memari



  • Volunteering should not be imposed (inner conviction) 
  • Background discussion on UAE Volunteers platform, upcoming events and number of volunteers (including Special Olympics and Expo)
  • Benefits of volunteering: eliminating arrogance and fear
  • Challenges facing volunteering: create awareness and culture of volunteering
  • People explore talents through volunteering 
  • Volunteering helps youth devote their time to beneficial activities, reducing negative social phenomena's that appear in society


  • Devote time for volunteering (even if from annual leave)/ provide volunteer opportunities in the evening
  • Courses to teach basic skills in volunteering
  • Making volunteering more enjoyable to employees/students and make volunteering part of evaluation
  • Work with UAE Embassy’s around the world to create volunteer opportunities for nationals globally
  • Social media influencers to encourage people to volunteer