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Youth and Tolerance 26 Oct 2016 Emirates Reading Club- Ras Al Khaimah Cultural Center and Public Library


Hosted by Youth Circles


Tolerance in theory, value and practice

Yousef AlNuaimi


  • Is tolerance a sign of weakness?
  • What encourages a person to have tolerance and forgive other people’s mistakes?
  • Which of the following: family, school, friends, social media, have the biggest impact in creating violence and extremism in children?
  • We here stories of murder and violence done by children to their parents, what prompted these children to take action of criminal behavior, and how can we fix that?
  • How can we promote tolerance through society’s different age groups?


  • Increase the awareness of tolerance through television series, cartoons, and social media websites that hold the true value of tolerance so children are influenced positively
  • Awareness workshops on the importance of tolerance for a family, can be in collaboration with the marriage fund for people who want to get married
  • Combining the two ministries, ministry of tolerance and ministry of education, to entrench the principles of tolerance through the education system
  • Sessions for newlyweds on how to raise their children to become tolerant
  • Have a section in the ettihad museum that is titled “Tolerant UAE”
  • Lectures on tolerance given in the military service
  • Creating tolerance councils in schools
  • Miniature government specialized for children programs
  • Different lectures on tolerance that fit children of different ages to teach them the dangers of violent games
  • Create a center for high school girls to explain how the role of the mother is important in raising tolerant children
  • Strengthening the role of media in implanting tolerance in the youth
  • Share the prophet’s lifestyle through education systems
  • Formation of a tolerance council in all government departments
  • Establishing a security system to enhance the values of tolerance