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Youth and project management 25 Oct 2016 Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai


Dubai International forum for project management


Our youth - the source of innovation for a better future for Project Management

Dr. Alaa Olive

president, IBM Solutions


  • Transfer of project management to a laboratory for innovative ideas of young people
  • Adopt a young elements of flexibility and change in project management
  • Hire young people with experience before launching any project
  • The importance of strengthening the skills of future prospects for young people to deal with the challenges and variables.
  • Young investment projects for future business
  • The role of schools and universities to promote the concept of project management among young people
  • Promote youth involvement of the private sector projects


  • Training of young people and promote their projects, government agencies and the private sector
  • Adopt a policy / national strategy to empower youth sectors and projects vital state
  • Adoption of a national program to promote the concept of project management and future skills needed in schools and universities