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Youth and Global Entrepreneurship 27 Aug 2016 Saint Peterburg, Russia


Hosted by Youth Circles


What steps can be taken to encourage young aspiring entrepreneurs to open and grow businesses in the UAE and Russia

Daria Baidakova

UAE Minister of State for Youth Office


  • Language barrier, most Russian entrepreneurs speak only Russian and cannot connect to the international business community (RUS)
  • The leadership/ government lacks clear vision (RUS)
  • No business education in schools (RUS & UAE)
  • Limited access to funding (RUS & UAE)
  • More accessible and engaging incubators needed in Saint Petersburg (RUS)
  • Economic instability (RUS)
  • No clear framework for partnership between entrepreneurs from Russia and the UAE


  • Project 1: Mentoring programs for entrepreneurs
  • Project 2: Network for young entrepreneurs (online platform)
  • Entrepreneurial education, sharing experience, crowdfunding
  • Project 3: Easy access to functioning incubator
  • Project 4: Interactive UAE-Russian online business council (RUS & UAE)
  • Project 5: Cafe with business ideas on stickers
  • Project 6: Sending the Russian youth representatives to the UAE for another Youth Circle