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Women in Manufacturing 30 Mar 2017 Youth Council


Hosted by

  • Ahmed Fikri, Cofounder& CEO, Tumouh
  • Mariam Al Kindi, Cofounder& Director of Business Development, Tumouh


Women in Manufacturing – Kathryn Wengel

Kathryn Wengel

Worldwide Vice President Supply Chain, Johnson &Johnson


  • Presentation on the guest’s experience as a female leader in manufacturing and the work of Johnson & Johnson in empowering women in manufacturing
  • Women role models for the youth and what makes them inspirational
  • The importance of bridging the gender gap in manufacturing
  • The challenges and opportunities women face in manufacturing
  • Companies’ role in advancing women in manufacturing
  • Men’s role in advancing women in manufacturing
  • Youth recommendations on how to further advance women in manufacturing and bridge the gender gap


  • Organize factory tours for the youth and their families to raise awareness about manufacturing careers and change misconceptions about the work environment
  • Improve work environments to be more female-friendly
  • Celebrate and capitalize on gender differences
  • Create a network of successful women leaders and young professionals in manufacturing and highlight their stories and experiences
  • Host moreyouth circles on the topic globally to raise awareness on a wider level