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Thriving in a Performance-driven Culture 16 May 2017 ADNOC headquarters



Thriving in a Performance-driven Culture (as part of the evolution of ADNOC into an agile and performance driven organization)


  • What is the meaning and definition of Performance- driven Culture 
  • Workplace culture: values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors (ADNOC Group Culture, the way we do things here) 
  • Work-life balance: time management
  • Career path planning (explore, understand develop, and pursue)
  • How can we upskill?
  • How to achieve your future goals – make a plan


  • Activating the positive energy of Emirati youth
  • Invest in Emirati youth – their competencies, their talents – nurture them!
  • Harnessing the ideas, talents and energy of youth to shape the future of UAE 
  • We all need to engage in the education, training and coaching of youth