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The Way Forward for Higher Education in the UAE 26 Nov 2016 Washington DC



The Way Forward for Higher Education in the UAE

HE Dr. Ahmed horror Falasi

Minister of State for Higher Education


  • The development of higher education outputs to achieve the aspirations of the future state 0.
  • The development of practical training system to upgrade the skills of the trainees
  • The transfer of expertise and experiences from different countries of the world and develop them in line with the privacy of the UAE.
  • Raise awareness of school students from various academic disciplines from an early stage.
  • Develop the system of scientific research and development in order to facilitate the work of researchers.


  • Provide specific targets training programs to raise the level of student trainees.
  • Form working groups to enlighten school students on the university level.
  • Activate the role of youth councils in the transfer of expertise between students from different countries and disciplines.
  • The establishment of a scientific shows the students their experiences from which to offer new students.