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Social Inclusion, Youth, and Sports 24 Feb 2017 IPIC Arena



Social Inclusion and Special Olympics

Dr. Tim Shriver

Chairman of Special Olympics

Ismail Matar

Captain UAE National football team


  • Lack of trust and confidence in people with special needs, particularly intellectual disabilities
  • Lack of awareness of people with special needs’ potential and capabilities
  • Lack of presence or promoters of the cause via social media and in society (schools, universities, etc.)
  • Ignorance on how to interact with people with disabilities


  • Setting up manuals and handouts on how to engage with people with intellectual disabilities
  • Appointing ambassadors to promote the cause and inclusion
  • Develop workshops or talks in universities to have greater outreach and ensure participation
  • Highlight the importance of the cause continuously via social media and involve influencers
  • Encourage Special needs and support their development through family programs and public engagement activities