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Skills of the Future 28 Mar 2017 Sorbonne University


Hosted by

  • Ahmed Fikri, Cofounder & CEO, Tumouh
  • Mariam Al Kindi, Cofounder & Director of Business Development, Tumouh


Skills of the Future

David Hoey

CEO, WorldSkills International

Niels Caszo

Global President, AIESEC

Philippe Forestier

Executive Vice-President of Global Affairs & Communities and Founding Member, Dassault Systemes


  • The guests discussed with the youth their views on the skills of future from their experience and how their organizations are preparing their young talents for leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)
  • The youth discussed their outlook of the world in the future and the skills they see themselves needing in a world shaped by emerging 4IR technologies
  • The hosts and guests heard from the youth about their education and work experiences and the 4IR skills that they have gained and ones they are still lacking in
  • The youth discussed with the guests what their jobs in the future would look like and how they see themselves utilising their skills in it
  • The youth shared their recommendations to the guests and hosts on what should be done to improve their development journey to become 4IR leaders


  • Create an SME platform to help the youth in starting up companies that are related to the 4IR technologies
  • Introduce volunteering, travel and leadership opportunities into educational curriculums to allow the youth learn new skills and bridge the cultural barriers amongst them as they collaborate virtually across borders
  • Create a projects-based learning (PBL) platform for the youth to engage in manufacturing projects with their peers globally
  • Provide more mentorship to young future manufacturing leaders
  • Develop deeper partnerships between manufacturers and educational institutes to raise the awareness on the 4IR job opportunities available to the youth