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New mindsets = New results: the future of youth workforce. 11 Apr 2017 Trade Center – Hall 4


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Circle Outcomes

Careers UAE & Youth Circle

  • Discussed the obstacles and challenges the youth are facing when searching for jobs 
  • The Majority of the young Emiratis prefers  working in Government sectors over the private due to the long working hours in the private
  • The circle believes that inspiring and guiding the youth of today how to become entrepreneurs will produce the leaders of tomorrow who will drive their own jobs
  • The youth are flexible, they would work in any field as long as their benefiting the country and enjoying it
  • The lake of Emiratis working in the hospitality field
  • Entrepreneurs hall in the next careers fair where they can motivate, give speeches, and look for part time candidates
  • The circle ended up with a group of young emirates planning to create a new initiative that will introduce the students to creative thinking, appreciation of money and importance of work. Plus networking and socializing. It shapes better Emiratis enriched with knowledge and different backgrounds 
  • Another idea they come up with was a company or initiative of  group of locals that basically create a certain plan for the tourists that come into the country and live the UAE experience in a typical local way