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Emirates Youth Strategy 02 Jul 2016 Four Seasons Hotel, Jumeirah



Emirates Youth Strategy and Efforts of DP World in Supporting Youth

Sultan Bin Sulayem

CEO and MD of DP World


  • Aspirations of Emaratis’ Youth from the youth strategy.
  • Points of need for the youth strategy.
  • Most important initiatives that will support the UAE youth strategy.


  • The development of skills of young people in various fields:
    1) social and behavioral skills at work, 2) mental skills 3) leadership skills. In addition to working on the development of the national spirit among young people, to instill these concepts in the youth strategy.
  • Enable young people of all ages (school and university stage) by creating a program between companies and educational institutions to enable youth with technical skills and international experience through training in international companies.
  • Linking the work of educational institutions sectors (school and university stage) which will contribute in shaping the career path of a young Emirati before entering the labor market.
  • Focus on the curriculum offered in schools and consider how to link them to the needs of the labor sector.
  • Establish a data center of statistics to figure out the required fields in the working and dissemination among young people through the media, and raise awareness of the required expertise to keep pace with development.
  • Enhance the concept of strategy between youth as culture among young people, and keep it a culture based on the perception of young people on how to live in the future and motivate them to invent.
  • The formation of a database of youth (electronic platform) to receive all youths’ ideas and to be an essential part of composing the strategy by giving the youth a sense of responsibility.
  • Expose all youth to participate in seminars and platforms to deliver their views, such as the proposal to hold an open day, retreats and creativity laboratories.