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Current challenges that faces Water Technology 15 Jul 2017 Ritz Carlton hotel – Abu Dhabi


Youth Circle


Water Technology the future skill

Ameena Al Hosani


  • Is youth aware of the concerned issue
  • Is responsible water consumption an individual or government responsibility?
  • Importance of developing water technologies for individuals to rationalize consumption
  • What are treatment technologies you know?
  • What are the initiatives allowing us to find solutions to such a problem?


  • Supporting youth project coordination with the competent authority
  • Including water technologies in all vocational curricula
  • Launching an awareness campaign on water technologies – social media (Hashtag #future_water)
  • Reducing water loss: monitoring loss in water networks and adopting smart irrigation systems
  • Raising individual awareness of the importance of water as source of life and sustainable future
  • Hydraulic simulation model project: Computer system working on studying and analyzing water within networks, it measures the flow pressure, follows up control system to provide network related data and provides detailed solutions for the main supply network.
  • Providing water security
  • Managing water supplies.