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Climate Change 11 Aug 2016 Mleiha Archaeological Centre, Sharjah



Climate change & sustainability is our shared responsibility

HE Dr. Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi

UAE Minister of Climate Change & Environment


  • Combating climate change and advancing sustainable solutions are considered priorities on the UAE’s national agenda. The country believes that these issues have a direct effect on environmental resources and considers environmental protection a joint responsibility for society as a whole while realizing that the youth are the most effective segment of society. This highlights the importance of the interactive youth circle which was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment.
  • During his talk, Dr. Al Zeyoudi introduced the concepts of climate change and sustainability and gave an overview of the UAE’s efforts in advancing sustainability from the pre-oil times till today. He spoke about the country’s pioneering projects in the field of sustainability, which aim at guaranteeing a prosperous future for the post-oil economy.
  • Taif Al Amiri, Director of Governmental Communications, facilitated a questions and answers session during which the youth were able to present their ideas and discuss their opinions on the topics. She also gave an overview of the various initiatives that the ministry has carried out in these fields.


  • To ensure the effectiveness of the youth circle the Ministry of Climate Change and environment encouraged the attending youth to pledge their commitment to support efforts carried out by the UAE and the Ministry in the field of sustainability. They were asked to spread awareness in their surroundings and to write their pledges on tree leaves that were hung on a tree made by an Emirati student out of recycled material.
  • To continue the discussion and to post their pledges through social media, participants were encouraged to use the hashtag #UAEsustyPioneers (which was launched by His Excellency Dr. Al Zeyoudi in his own personal twitter account).