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AUS Youth Circle 30 Apr 2017 American University of Sharjah


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How to harness the potential of students in universities to make the nation achieve greater heights


  • Main discussion points: Student lack motivation and understanding of the fields they study especially engineering. Students sometimes see requirements as a burden. Something that they just want to get it over with. Furthermore, students lack guidance. When embarking on a new experience, they often need someone to be there to mentor them and guide them.
  • Main discussion points: students face a lot of difficulties contacting companies to help students with their senior problems. Many students wish to learn from those companies and get more practical skills but there companies are not easy to approach and they do not reply to students from these companies even if it was through the college.
  • Main discussion points: Lack of research and data. Students face so many barriers in doing research; either their college in underfunded and under-researched or they cannot have access to certain data. Companies usually tell student who want to collect data for their research, that the information i confidential. Therefore, students cannot write about relevant topics here in the UAE and end up writing about foreign countries because they can have access to more data. 
  • Main discussion points: Lack of practical skills. Students are not taught in a way that would benefit them in the workforce. The methods of teaching here are not dynamic and lack practicality. Students study for 4 years and more in universities but when they graduate they have a hard time applying what they have been learning for 4 years in the workforce. In 4 years students just learn how things are but never actually get to see it or experience it so they fail to connect between what they learn and what it out there in the world. 
  • Main discussion points: problems with internships. Students face so many challenges in balancing between the pressures from their classes and the requirements of internships. Furthermore, students believe that the main issue time. 6 weeks are not enough for students to get the full experience and engage in the internship. 


  • Main solutions suggested: Students should complete more than one internship in four years. When students do more internships, they begin to understand what their fields are all about and being to develop practical skills and connect between the material that they learn in a regular class room and the outside world. 
  • Main solutions suggested: Setting up a data collection center. Where governments can also share certain information that would benefit the students in writing their research. Also Think Tanks would be beneficial in tackling this issue. 
  • Main solutions suggested: Having mentorships and people who can guide the students. Students want to learn from their professors more than just course material. They wish to shadow those mentors and get a full educational experience. 
  • Main solutions suggested: starting initiatives like Flow café. Things done fully by the youth. Make the youth embark of new projects and begin from scratch. Youth from different majors and fields would contribute to the project. For example, architects and engineers would figure out the building aspects of the projects, design students would work on the logo and media aspect, while business students work on the financial matters.