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Art movement and its future in the Gulf Region 06 Apr 2017 Al Faisaliah Resort



Preparatory Movement of MiSK Art

Thunayan AlThunayan


  • The role of the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts in activating the role of arts in the region.
  • What after the exhibitions? What types of activities are proposed to sustain art?
  • Art and local identity.
  • General and university education in the preparation of the artist.
  • Technical Education.
  • Art Therapy.
  • The artist's artistic and developmental needs.


  • Activate arts in schools.
  • Activate channels of communication with international artists.
  • Public awareness of the arts.
  • Soft training courses.
  • Museums and national exhibitions.
  • Create financially viable events for sustainability.
  • Provide yards for practicing the types of art freely.